“ and its operators, also known as “”PlayArcana,”" the “”Site,”" “”we”" or “”us,”" are devoted to providing fun activities, news, games, apps and other forms of digital entertainment through a variety of services, also known as the “”Services.”" We respect and uphold the privacy of all our Services’ patrons, also known as “”you”" or “”Users.”"

Using these Services means you consent to the terms in this Privacy Policy, also known as the “”Policy.”" It also means you give automatic permission for us and our affiliates to collect, store, process, use and share your information according to the Policy’s terms. If you do not agree with anything in this Policy or you’re under the age of 15, you do not have our permission to use PlayArcana or the Services without your guardian’s consent.

Protecting Children’s Privacy

We are aware that some of our Users may be minors. We do not collect information from Users who are under the age of 15, and if such individuals should choose to register, we let them provide limited amounts of identifying information and reserve the right to restrict the content they can access via our Services. We may also automatically disable content we judge to be inappropriate for Users of certain ages.

When minor Users register, we encrypt their personal information, and we do not permanently store such data in a format that anyone can access or recover. We do not collect these Users’ personal information beyond the bare minimum required to create an account, and we don’t share or distribute any personal information proffered or generated by these Users or their interaction with the Site and its Services. Parents and guardians are welcome to learn more by contacting our support staff as described below.

What Information Does PlayArcana Collect?

Users who do not qualify as minors may register for accounts with the Site. At such a time, we may ask for personal data like your:

Email address,
Password, and
Smartphone device type.

We may also collect, utilize, or automatically generate non-personally-identifying data about individual Users and groups of Users, including, but not limited to:

Anonymous IP addresses,
Game rankings,
Game challenges,
Account avatars,
Social media profile or interaction data, and
High scores.

Finally, we reserve the right to collect statistical data from any User. This information may include, but is not limited to, the following:

Country or locale,
Hardware, browser and operating system version,
Page loading times,
Visit counts or time spent interacting with the Services,
General demographics,
Site traffic information, such as referral links, and
Anonymous user data on comments, social media, high scores and other information previously detailed.

Outside Logins

We may also permit users to register and login using third-party services, such as Facebook Connect, Google+ or Twitter. For Users who are not minors, we may store data like names, gender, date of birth, user IDs, locations, avatars and other info. We are neither responsible for the privacy of your external account credentials nor the way you or these third parties manage such accounts, but we do encrypt relevant information in accordance with the third parties’ standards.

Purchase Information

We may permit registered and non-registered Users to make purchases of any items or Services we offer. In such cases, we retain the right to access your payment information and share it with third-party payment processing services using encryption technology, but we do not store your credit card or other payment data.

Mobile Data

When Users access the Site or its Services via mobile devices, we may aggregate additional data, such as:

Device MAC addresses,
General location or time zone,
Device platform or OS, and
Automatically-generated device identifiers.

We may use such information to send notifications or support internal operations and features, but we generally don’t share it with third parties without first removing data that might be personally identifiable. To opt out of push notifications, enable custom privacy settings or modify other features, please consult your device’s settings. You can also contact our support team as detailed at the end of this Policy.

How PlayArcana Uses Collected Data

To minimize privacy risks, we limit the amount of time we store personal data, and we employ diverse security methods, such as controlled data access and encryption. We nonetheless reserve the right to share, sell or distribute anonymous data for commercial purposes. We also reserve the right to use any information we aggregate to analyze usage patterns or improve the functionality of the Site and its Services. By accessing the Site or using its Services in any form, you agree to such actions, whether or not we publicize or reveal them on a case-by-case basis.

Legal Data Disclosure

In some cases, we will reveal information to certain third parties, such as law enforcement agents or municipal entities. We may engage in this kind of sharing when we believe doing so helps us:

Protect Users or the general public,
Comply with court orders or subpoenas,
Bring legal action against individuals or groups who violate this Policy, or
Combat harassment or bullying.

Third-Party Data Sharing

While we don’t share personally-identifiable information with third parties, excepting in cases detailed above, we may work with technologies such as Facebook, Google Adsense and other advertising tools at our sole discretion. As such, we retain the right to use information you provide to learn more about our performance and target Users with relevant advertising content.

In some cases, we share non-identifying information with our advertising affiliates or host their data on our Site and in our Services. These parties may request that you share data with them. Remember that we’re neither legally responsible nor able to control how they use such data. Please be careful to read their privacy policies and usage terms, and always share your information wisely.

At your sole discretion, you can delete any data we store locally, such as browser or Flash cookies. Refer to the instructions in your software or operating system for the appropriate procedures. You may contact us as detailed above if you’re having trouble, but we may not be able to respond to every single request.

What Happens When This Policy Changes?

You agree that we may change the terms, content or nature of this Policy at any time. In such a case, we will post the new terms prominently and make efforts to notify Users of the changes. We are not responsible for your failure to read and understand any new terms.

If anything in this Policy contradicts other versions, you agree that the most recent policy will be deemed valid. If any terms are legally unenforceable in a specific jurisdiction, they will be enforced to the maximum extent permitted by law. Read more information